Dalvir | The 'Lavendar Floral' Groom

Meet Dalvir, the 'lavender floral' groom.

Dalvir was in a unique situation where he wanted our assistance to select the perfect suit for his groomsmen as well as design his accessories. Being that it was a summer wedding, we wanted his groomsmen to wear a light weight three piece suit.

We selected a classic, single breasted vest and blazer for the groomsmen. We wanted them to be formal with and without the blazer. During the ceremony, they wore their vests and trousers while Dalvir was sporting his three piece during the vows.

With the suits and the bridesmaids dresses ready to go, we started with the accessories. We knew the couple wanted lavender to compliment the bridesmaids and floral since it was a summer wedding.

We decided to choose one of the many beautiful designs from Lub By Lamb. This pattern incorporated everything the couple wanted, lavender, florals, it was bright enough for the wedding and included some darker tones to compliment with the medium grey toned suits.

The custom solid, lavender cufflinks added that pop of colour to compliment the double-sided bowties and pocket square. The kids bowties are reversible to showcase either the floral pattern or the solid lavender side for a classic look. To complete the set, we created this one-of-a-kind kids headband for the flower girl.