Sav Sidhu | Groom Diaries

Meet Sav, the custom palha groom. Sav came to us two weeks before his wedding in hopes to salvage his wedding day attire. He booked his wedding outfit from a well-known designer in Vancouver who unfortunately backed out last minute and left him hanging with no wedding outfit!

Luckily, he found something he liked off the rack and reached out to us to create a custom palha. In Sikh wedding ceremonies, a palha is the scarf a groom wears, which the father of the bride gives her to hold. This piece plays a significant roles as it symbolizes the father of the bride giving his daughter away.

We only had about four days to create this very detailed and intricate palha, just in time for Sav's wedding. We started off with a free consultation and created some sketches to incorporate his colour theme - dark blue and rose gold/ dusty pink. Once the groom confirmed the design, we started on production.

We started with a satin dark blue base to build off of. He wanted alternating coloured polka dots throughout and a simple trim. Since we were crushed for time, we didn't have the luxury to design a pattern for our manufacturer to print, so we decided to stitch the polka dots. In dusty pink and rose gold threads, we hand stitched every polka dot. We then added gold trim throughout the scarf and in order to create a seamless transition from polka dots to trim, we added dusty pink tread all along the edging.

With four days of no sleep, sewing machines breaking down and updates to Sav (to ensure his mind was at ease), it was all worth it! We surprised Sav with a special touch - monogramming his and his bride's initials, on either side. 

Photography by Photokitch