Custom Order Breakdown

We can create almost any design, to be printed on a variety of of fabrics. 

We do not copy or re-create another designer's work. A minimum purchase of two pieces are required.

On average, allow 15 days for production for a custom set, which includes a tie, square and pin. We recommend booking your custom products at least 8 weeks prior to allow for custom designing, monogramming and any last minute updates.

To book your consultation, fill out the form below or contact us via email at, or call us at 647 389 2658.

Base prices for custom orders;

Neckties: $65+
Ascots: $55+
Bowties: $50+
Squares: $35+
Boutonnieres: $25+
Cufflink Knots: $25+
Kids Bowties: $25+
Lapel Knots: $15+
Button Knots: $15+
Prices are subject to change without notice. 

Phone: 647 389 2658